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Patient Testimonials

I just want to thank the wonderful staff at Trudeau Endodontics. Dr. Trudeau performed a root canal on me and did a fantastic job. He and his staff make you feel so comfortable the minute you walk in the door. They are so professional and very caring about how you feel during and after the procedure. This young man is an outstanding dentist and quite a photographer. I would highly recommend this group to anyone who has to have endodontic work. Thank you for taking such good care of me.

Donna Carroll

I have been seeing Dr. Trudeau for over a year following a bad fall. I am finally finished, hopefully! I was extremely impressed with his expertise, state-of-the-art equipment, and knowledge. His assistants were always kind, sympathetic, and patient. I felt they genuinely cared about me and my outcome. Thank you to Dr. Trudeau and the entire staff at Trudeau Endodontics!

Carolie Frazer

I was referred to Dr. Michael Trudeau by my dentist, Dr. A. Lanier for an evaluation. I was impressed with his office usage of technology when obtaining my H & P as well as the photo. His team members explained everything as well as he, however unfortunate for me the news received wasn't too good. Dr. Trudeau after initiating the work that has to be done, called me to follow up regarding my progress. I have had some dramatic experiences with dentistry since I was young. So it helps to have someone to understand & show compassion while having to correct multiple mistakes by others. I wish I could say I look forward to my next visit but still apprehensive and can only hope he & his team can provide a positive experience again. Thanks!

Linda S.

I am very happy I decided to go to Trudeau Endodontics for my dental work. I am totally pleased with the result. Dr Domark did an excellent job. I was treated extremely well and everyone there is very professional. I will recommend them to my family and friends.

Richard Barfield

Ashley, Dr. Trudeau, Thanks(I think) for the experience of my first root canal. Although I never want to have to go through that again, you guys would be my first choice if I had to. Very professional and knowledgeable. You did everything you could to make it as painless and comfortable as possible. Bravo Zulu!

B. Scott

Thank you so much Dr. Domark and staff for taking such excellent care of me during my recent root canal. Michele was excellent in taking time to answer some questions that I had and explaining everything along the way. Dr. Domark was outstanding and really made me feel at ease. The entire team of staff have made this a very positive experience and I would recommend Trudeau Endodontics to others. I really appreciated the follow up phone call to make sure I was doing okay after my procedure. Thank you again for your wonderful and professional service to your patients. Keep up your excellent work!!

Cathy Allsbrook

Dr. Trudeau and his assistant Chris were extremely knowledge and we both appreciated how thorough they were with the explanation of what was being done and why, the alternatives along with possible outcome. My husband said he had never seen an assistant who was so professional and on top of things from the get go. This was the first time in months I have not had a million questions after my husband leaving the Dentist and I personally was very impressed and couldn't be happier. I had done my homework and the professionalism and knowledge we were assured regarding this office was spot on. All the administrative staff were also very friendly and nice. Thank you for making the visit a pleasant one. My husband felt so confident when he walked out about his appointment, the care he received and coming back. He isn't a fan of anyone being in his mouth due to previous bad experiences. I have been in the Dental Field for over 30 years, and this is by far one of the top offices from the staff to technology I have come across. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this specific practice to anyone who needs care from an Endodontist. You could not be in better hands!!

Jennifer Harvey

Trudeau Endodontics was recommended to me by a friend who had a root canal done just weeks before. I had an appointment within a couple of days of my call. Dr. Domark performed my root canal UNDER my existing bridge. Although I had some issues with the pain caused by the intense infection (absolutely no fault of Dr. Domark's) this was the BEST experience I could have hoped for. He was so very patient, accommodating, caring, thorough and were his assistants each visit. I would recommend this office to anyone looking to have a root canal. My first r.c. with a different office years ago was in and out. While at the time I thought this was efficient and great, I now realize that it was done with no regard for my actual satisfaction. Dr. Domark would not release me to my dentist until he KNEW all of my pain and infection was gone and things were RIGHT. He took his time! I am so grateful. He personally called to check on my progress after the initial root canal visit and left his cell number in case I had any trouble. I didn't but how thoughtful. None of that took place with my other r.c. Thank you Dr. Domark and all of the wonderful staff at Trudeau. I wish you all were regular dentists because I'd be a regular for sure!

Cami W

My current dentist, Dr. Althouse, is someone in whom I have a great deal of confidence for my dental care; so, when he recommended your office, I came to you with positive expectations, which your office far exceeded. I cannot begin to tell you how impressed I have been with your office staff and Dr. Trudeau. From the initial check-in procedures with Jennifer, to the excellent and compassionate care of Chris throughout the procedure, to Dr. Trudeau, who took the time to explain procedures to me (especially liked the computer pics), to Ashley who checked me out of the office, I can only say that I cannot imagine a more professional and pleasant surrounding for an unpleasant procedure. While I hope to not have more professional interfacing with this office, I would not hesitate to recommend you to other folks. Trust me, I do not give medical praise lightly, and your office certainly deserves it. Thank-you again.

Belinda Baker

Dr. Domark has to be one of the finest physicians I have ever met. He is very personal and friendly, but also professional. He puts you at ease with his warm and friendly smile. He was very detailed in explaining everything to me and he has the patience of Job! I felt so bad that it was taking so long to complete my root canal due to such a bad infection, but he kept reassuring me that we would get there. I just needed to be patient. I just felt like I was using up so much of his time trying to get this thing to heal, but he kept telling me that sometimes they can take longer than expected! Thanks Dr. Domark for not giving up on me. You are, as we say at Bon Secours Harbour View, "WORLD CLASS." Let's not leave out your wonderful office staff. You have a great team starting with your front office team, to your techs, right out to the checkout staff! All of you truly put your patients first and foremost and that is so important to your patients! Keep doing what you are doing, and, I know that if I ever need you, you will be there to help me!

Lois Pyles

I have never received services where I was treated as a priority before. I wish I had been a patient earlier. I absolutely enjoyed my experience. Everything that Dr Trudeau performed he explained thoroughly. And it worked!

Albert Sears

Thank you for your complete and perfect care. From the minute I walked in until I left, I felt relaxed and in good hands. I was very impressed with the doctors skill and his experience was evident. What a great helpful and warm staff. Thanks again for your care, I really felt I was in the care of true professionals.

Jeffrey Upton

I am petrified of dental work and the staff and Dr. "D" did an outstanding job at putting me at ease and with little to no discomfort. very satisfied with total procedure.

Sydna Lindblad

I was very impressed as Cameron's dad that the Dr took the time on a Fri afternoon to call and personally check up on his patient. Thank you very much!

Cameron Blackburn

I was very pleased with the care I was given. Every visit was pleasant . All the staff treated me very well. The doctor was very professional and respectful to me and his assistant. I would refer my family and friends to visit your office. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Tonga Evans

I am very impressed with the Dr, nurse and staff. I would go out of my way to recommend this practice. Best anesthesia injection I've ever received, and the most painless.

Timothy Buchanan

Hands down, I'm more than overjoyed and pleased with the stellar workmanship of Dr. Trudeau. The warm staff made me feel more than welcome. I won't ever hesitate to consider his office an option. Thanks so much for everything!!

Precious Love

As I have a great fear (phobia) of the the "chair", Dr Domark and his awesome assistant, Carmelita, eased my fears with their terrific care and concern for my well being. I can not express my gratitude for their care. When the procedure was completed (2 visits), the office staff is second to none...again very caring people!!

James Wessing

Thank you for the care and assistance that was given to me. All my questions were answered clearly and to the point where I understood what was being said. I just wish that Dr. Trudeau did other work in dental areas!

 Thanks Again


Gaylord Ambrose, Jr.

Both Dr.Trudeau and Aly were exceptional during my visit. He did a wonderful job and had a lot of work to do. My tooth and my jaw area around the tooth are very sore, but expected with amount of work he did. I will highly recommend Dr. Trudeau and will come back as needed. I greatly appreciate their patience and care provided at both of my visits. Thank you :)

Kerry Greene

Dr. Domark and Chris were excellent. Dr. Domark PERSONNALLY calling me the next day was appreciated and unexpected.

James Vaughan

I was seen by Dr. Domark and Aly, let me say both are OUTSTANDING, but Aly is the best assistant I have ever seen. Having spent some time in the chair in the past I've seen a number of assistants, none were ever anticipating what the doctor needed as well as she did. Dr. Domark made a follow up call and gave me his cell number to use if I needed anything over the long fourth of July weekend. I have never seen that before! By far the best service I have ever had from a Dentist bar none. The admin staff were friendly and professional as well, top notch! When I see stellar service on all levels it is worth noting!

Chris Daniels 


Everyone in the office was competent, informed, knew what he or she was doing, tried to make me feel at ease and did what was necessary to do so. The procedure was not as difficult as I had imagined, the worst part being the drilling, which was not painful, just uncomfortable. Professionalism was shown by everyone, and the expertise of the doctor was evident, and the technology amazing.

Joyce McLaughlin

Very good experience!

Brenda Pringle

Dear staff,

I just had a root canal at your practice about 9 hours ago.
Thank you for your kind and professional service.
Dr. Trudeau was my Doctor and I was very nervous at first.  After giving me the numbing up, which I did not feel, like at the regular dentist, I was put at ease.
Dr. Trudeau was awesome!!
He did the "marathon" treatment but he made me comfortable and finished the treatment with me feeling great relief.
Dr. Trudeau's assistant was very kind, professional and caring.  I was not the easiest patient at one point during the x-ray, of all times not to be sitting still. His assistant really calmed me, whether she knows it or not, when she was humming or very lightly singing to the music playing overhead.  That was absolutely comforting.
Dr. Trudeau, I am impressed with the service you and your team has provided to me.  The secretaries, front desk and billing staff are truely a breath of fresh air, no pun intended. 
Thank you so much

Will be recommending your office to my friends!

Beth Blythe

Dr. Domark and his assistant are passionate about their work and very compassionate with their patient's. Their work ethic is outstanding and they are very knowledgeable about their practice. I highly recommend this team of endodontists to anyone wanting exceptional care.

Fred Whistler

Excellent care and attention was given by the doctor and entire staff

Deborah S. TusinskiI

The nurses were real nice and very helpful . they made sure to ask if you were ok or feeling any discomfort . the technology they have is great and I think that's the primary reason it was in and out painless process. thanks a lot the taking care of my tooth .

Darrell Jones

I appreciate the excellent care, time taken to answer all my questions and the professional manner by which your office is ran. It was well worth the 1 hour plus drive it took to reach your office. Thanks again, Ernie East

Ernest East

I had a monthly procedure that took over 6 months to complete and I have to say that this has been the most professional dental experience I've ever had! Equipment, personnel, process was fantastic. Every appointment was on time, no waiting. Had to reschedule a couple of times and they were very helpful. This is one group I recommend to everyone. Actually made dental visits enjoyable!

M Casstevens

The staff and Dr. Domark were very friendly and caring with my needs. I would highly recommend them.

Melinda H

My experience with Dr. Domark and his assistant was as pleasant as a root canal can be. They were very accommodating, professional, and calming under the circumstances. The office staff and equipment is top notch. I will recommend them to anyone who needs their services. Thanks for your excellent care.

Ellen S.

Dr. Domark and his staff are true professionals. Thank you.

Harvey Binns

I came in as a last minute emergency patient. I drove down from Yorktown, alone and quite scared of what I was about to go through. Dr. Trudeau was kind and patient as was his staff. It was a tough procedure but I made it through with flying colors thanks to their caring treatment of me. They followed up with several phone calls and the follow up treatment was excellent. I would recommend them to everyone. Thank you!!!

Christina M. Patterson

First Class Care! Dr. Trudeau and his staff were friendly, professional, experienced and provided excellent care. Dr. Trudeau took time to explain in detail what was going to happen as well as why I need a root canal and what to expect. My referring dentist said he was the best and after my procedure, I agree. I would definitely refer my family and friends to Trudeau and Domark for any Endodontist needs.

John Mazur

Had a wonderful time, if you can say that about a root canal. Everyone was friendly and professional. My every question was answered and my every concern was taken care of. Thank you so much for taking care of me today!

Kelly Marcantel

Dr Trudeau and his assistant, Aly excels to excellence! Both are extremely kind, caring,and friendly medical professionals who took excellent care of me. During each root canal Dr. Trudeau and Aly made sure I was completely comfortable and pain free. Together they made me feel extremely special. Not too many doctors call to make sure you are doing well after the procedure; but Dr. Trudeau did! He is definitely a "keeper" and will be my only endodontist from now on. I highly recommend Dr. Trudeau and his entire staff to take complete and perfect care of anyone's endodontic needs.

Patricia Day

Dr. Domark is a very caring and skilled Endodontist/Doctor. He repaired a tooth in resorption condition so I would not lose the tooth and performed a root canal on it. Excellent work and no pain after healing from surgery. He also performed another root canal on a capped tooth, saved the tooth. The computer technology used to guide doctors in surgery and in making precise medical decisions for the patient is "state of the art." Dr. Domark provided me with his cell phone number in case I needed to call him. He even CALLED ME to find out my pain status and generally how I felt after both surgeries. All of the staff are very caring and helpfulmaking each visit so pleasant. I am so blessed that I was referred to Trudeau and Domark Endodontics.

Thanks to Dr. Domark for performing a root canal. He saved me about $1,000 by drilling a hole through a crown to do the procedure. Very professional and friendly and right on the money with customer service, including a follow-up call to make sure I was not in pain. Well done.

Dennis Hermann

Thanks for putting me at ease as I am a nervous dental patient. (childhood trauma). I am a repeat patient and highly recommend this practice to all my customers.

Mary F.

Dr. Trudeau and staff (front desk to assistants)are top notch! Professionals! Very pleasurable experience and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Trudeau Endodontics!


I have been to Dr. Trudeau twice in a little over a year at the behest of the Veterans Administration (VA) Medical Center who take care of my dental needs except when special work needs to be done. Then Dr. Trudeau is the man! From the front of the office to his chair there is a friendly and professional attitude. His work has been excellent and even with extensive root canal and rebuild of my back tooth he and his assistant were attentive and caring during the over two hours in his chair. I strongly recommend him and his practice.

Richard Wagner

I was terrified of having this work done. From the moment I met Dr. Domark and his assistants, at Trudeau & Domark Endodontics, I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable they made me feel. They all were so down to earth it put me at ease right away. Everything was explained in detail and since I have a lot of work to be done, they gave me several options of how I could proceed. I highly recommend them to anyone needing a root canal. I live in Yorktown and the trip over to Suffolk gave me pause, but it was a quick and easy trip and well worth it.

Sharon Rudge

Thank you so much Dr. Trudeau and your staff for the excellent service I received during my treatments. Yourself and your entire office staff was very professional and courteous. You all made my treatment much more manageable. I will recommend you to others. Thank you

Roberta Reese

I went in on July 22,2016 to have a root canal done. Dr. Trudeau and his staff were very professional. The love and kindness that they showed me, I will never forget. I would not hesitate in recommending Dr. Trudeau to any of my friends. There should be more people like Dr. Trudeau and his staff in this profession. Thanks to all of you.

Melody Rivers

I cannot say enough about my experience with Dr. Domark. The level of professionalism is beyond words. I received excellent care by Dr. Domark. He and Jen are a great team, that have a lot of expertise. I was put at ease every step of the way in regards to my dental work and left there wanting to have all my dental needs handled by them. It was refreshing to be a part of a team that cares and goes the extra mile to ensure you are taken care of. I would highly recommend this team of professionals for any endodontic work that is needed.

Elizabeth Polson

Trudeau Endodontics are the most modern and professional group I have met in the dental business. So friendly and always with the smile like you are family. My situation was a little something special and different due to my current medical problems but they took that in stride and made me feel so comfortable. Thanks for everything.

Jim Steiner

Had to have an emergency root canel done and the whole team wad fantastic! Would recommend them to anyone needed Endodontics done.

Great team

Dr. Trudeau has retreated a 30 some year old root canal. He and his staff are efficient, caring and so very good! I had absolutely no discomfort and felt well-cared for. He gives the procedure of "root canal" a good name!

Nancy McPhail

My dentist thought I had a broken filling, but after that numbness wore off the next morning I was in excruciating pain. I was referred to this office and was given an appointment for the next morning. After explaining my pain, they were able to see me within a few hours. I am so grateful for the expertise and manner of Dr. Domark and the entire staff. Although I hope to not to have another root canal, I plan not to go anywhere else. Five star rating from me.

C. Gwaltney

I want to thank the wonderful staff and Trudeau & Domark for making my endodontic experience less frightening! They truly are a wonderful caring group of people that listen to the patient and do what they can to help. I just had my 3rd and final visit and no tears this time! If I could give them 10 stars, I would! Thank you so much!!

Virginia (Ginny) Goodbread

What a wonderful thing...a root canal!!!! Something most people dread the thought of. I was so happy to be relieved of the aggravating throbbing and tenderness of my sick tooth. And what a great experience.Dr.Trudeau and his team were amazing and efficient. No pain during procedure or after. I was seen promptly and the front desk staff were welcoming. I recommend this group highly if you need this service.

Elizabeth Bernhard DMD